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Dining Niagara Falls can be one of your great vacation memories if you pick the right restaurant. Being a huge tourist destination Niagara Falls Canada is jam packed with restaurants of every kind. One walk down Clifton Hill (the main tourist strip in Niagara Falls Canada) will confirm that any hungry visitor will not need to be hungry for long.

Of course there are your usual fast food restaurants; McDonalds, Wendy's, Subway, etc... Nothing original except the Burger King on Clifton Hill; and you will know why looking at the picture below.

As you can imagine this Burger King is located beside the House Of Frankenstein (a traditional haunted house attraction) and is quite a conversation piece.

There are some restaurants in Niagara Falls that you have to try just because you are in Niagara Falls. You do not want to go home not having the full experience.

Want to try something romantic and/or fancy the Skylon Tower Niagara Falls is an amazing way to have a bird's eye view. Their elegant revolving dining room is 775 feet above the falls and revolves once every hour. Or how about the Rainbow Room Fallsview Restaurant another elegant restaurant on top of the Crowne Plaza Hotel Niagara Falls. This restaurant does not revolve but because it offers elevated seating you do not have to have a window seat to enjoy the view.

May be you want a fun or entertaining meal try the Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls. The kids will really enjoy the shark exhibit and the tropical rainstorms that occur every 30 min.

How about dining at the Secret Garden? Seeing the restaurant with the pictures on top from my favorite childhood classic brought back fond memories for me. This is not confirmed by any record books, but I think the Secret Garden Restaurant is one of the closest restaurants to the falls; for sure Table Rock House Restaurant beats it by proximity, but they boast superb views of both American and Canadian Falls.

Dining Niagara Falls also offers traditional chains like Kelsey'sPlanet HollywoodHard Rock CafeT.G.I.F'sBoston Pizza and Ruby Tuesday's. All of these are located on or just off of the main streets, so if you have to park be prepared to pay or walk. There is street parking (it's very expensive) but if you go in the summer you can almost guarantee there will not be a spot. Finding a parking lot may be your best bet, they start at $3.00 for the evening and up. Just keep in mind, the busier the pricier.

The options for dining Niagara Falls may seem endless, but with a little decisiveness and advice I know you can make the right choice for your terrific dining experience.

Do you have a dining Niagara Falls request you would like more information on? Contact me and I will do my best to post a review on it asap! 

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