Festival of Lights Niagara Falls an event for everyone!

Before I tell you any information about the Festival of lights Niagara Falls I have to make a confession I love winter, always have and I guess I always will. Winter to me is about playing in the snow, tobogganing, skiing, outdoor skating, and going to see the Festival of Lights. There is nothing like bundling up driving down into the Falls to see the spectacular display

The dates for the Festival of Lights Niagara Falls this year is November 21, 2015 to January 31, 2016.

festival of lights niagara falls

The Niagara Parkway is the host for the beautiful 5 km display of lights and because of its length I would suggest that you drive the course. We usually travel down Murray Street (the one that the Fallsview Casino is on) and turn right onto the Niagara Parkway. Driving very slowly we take in the lights and all their magnificence.

festival of lights niagara falls

You cannot make a trip to the Festival of Lights without going to  Dufferin Island and seeing the displays. It is on the Parkway just past the 

Canadian Horseshoe Falls on the right. You drive your vehicle through this picturesque scene. My favorite is the trees wrapped to look like Candy Canes. I cannot figure out who has the patience to put up all those lights, but it is certainly worth it. If you really want to get outdoors and walk, Dufferin Island is one of the places. You cannot get very close to the displays for safety reasons, but you can park your car to your left as you enter and stroll around. Just to give you a heads up, at the end of the Island they do ask for a voluntary donation to continue the festival into the future. 

As we leave Dufferin Island we usually venture left back towards the falls to make sure we get a closer look at the Disney displays at the bottom of Murray Street. Our kids love to see their favorite characters in lights.  We were very disappointed this year when the Festival of Lights Niagara Falls took out the Disney displays.  Hopefully they are back next year.

festival of lights niagara falls

Seeing Lightning McQueen and Mater race down the road really got my boys excited.

Have you ever attended the opening ceremonies for the Festival of Lights Niagara Falls?  Click here to find out more about it. It is a great family event.

festival of lights niagara falls

My daughter loved looking at the Disney Fairies exhibit – you know she is a fairy too (or so she thinks). If it is not too cold we usually park at the Sheraton Fallsview Niagara Falls and walk down to the Disney displays. Parking is $5.00 underground (during the off season), New Years Eve it will be up to $20.00 or more.

niagara falls fireworks

Another reason we park is to catch the fireworks that go off during the festival every Friday night. There is nothing like the bang of fireworks trying to compete with the steady roar of the falls. It is spectacular as the fireworks are launched from the river near the bottom of the falls. 

The Festival starts at 5:00pm – 12:00am every night from late November till early January. During this time they illuminate the falls in an array of colors.

niagara falls at night

Not convinced? You may think because you visited Niagara Falls Canada in the summer time you have seen the falls, but the cold temperatures of winter bring along with it a whole new setting. Ice covering the surroundings turns the falls into a crystallized city making the Niagara Falls Festival of Lights a breathtaking masterpiece.

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