Marine Land Niagara Falls Rides

Are you thinking to make the trip to Marine Land Niagara Falls. I have to tell you it is worth it. Our kids love everything about it, but they especially love the rides. From their huge roller coaster to the very peaceful kiddy rides - this park has fun for the whole family.

Here is a complete list of rides, click on the ones you are interested in reading about to see the description further down the page. If you would like to know more about all the rides, just scroll down for a complete overview.

List of Rides at Marine Land Niagara Falls

  • Viking Adventure
  • Tivoli Wheel
  • Kandu's Twister
  • Orca Screamer
  • Hurricane Cove
  • Topple Tower Ride
  • Bumble Bee
  • Ocean Odyssey
  • Magic Experience
  • Boat Carousel
  • Flying Dragon
  • Dragon Mountain
  • Space Avenger
  • Wave Swinger
  • Sky Screamer
  • Lady Bug Coaster
  • Sky Hawk
  • marineland niagara falls
    Viking Adventure - You need a good stomach for this one. It is a huge viking ship that goes back and forth and spins full 360°. Lots of people can fit on this ride at once so there is usually not too much of a wait. The height requirement is 42" without adult and minimum 36" with.

    marineland rides
    Orca - This is my daughters favorite ride. It is a mini Sky Screamer. The Orca Screamer pulls you up to the top and lets you drop about three times while slowly turning around. It is really fun especially for those who are not quite tall enough or brave enough for the Sky Screamer. The height requirement is 42"without adult and minimum 36"with, up to a maximum height of 74".

    niagara falls attractions
    Bumble Bee - If you love the old "tilt-a-whirl" carnival ride, the Bumble Bee ride is for you. It is forever spinning and my sons claims it gives him a headache every time. I think it is great, but none the less can only ride it twice a day. It really spins. The height requirement is 42" without adult and minimum 36" with.

    marine land niagara falls
    Boat Carousel - Here is a ride for everyone to enjoy; well it moves so slow that not everyone will enjoy it, but everyone can go on it. We were at Marine Land Niagara Falls with our family and my husband was busy with our two oldest and I had our two youngest. This ride was perfect for us because I could ride holding our 6 month old son with our two year old, I did not have to wait for Daddy to be able to take her. This ride is very slow moving and appeals mainly to young riders. There is no height requirement.

    Thinking you might like to catch a show or feed a whale while at Marineland?

    niagara falls marineland
    Space Avenger - My kids call this the "Rocket Ship ride". The kids love this one because they have their own controls to shoot the ships around you and make the actual ship move up, down, right and left. This is a great ride if you have a daring little one because of the low minimum height requirement. The height requirement is 42" without adult and minimum 28" with.

    marineland niagara falls
    Lady Bug Coaster - This is "The" ride according to the little ones that cannot ride a big coaster. Our two year old daughter rode the Lady Bug Coaster all by herself five times in a row (we went mid-October when it was not busy). She loved it and was so proud of herself. It is a small metal circle track that gets some good speed and goes around three times for each ride. This ride is hugely popular and you can wait a long time to ride, but the best part is there is no minimum requirement. If you think your child can handle the coaster they can ride it with you (I took my son on when he was 15 months). The height requirement is 40" unless with an adult.

    marineland rides

    Tivoli Wheel
    - Another ride without a height requirement. The whole family can ride this mini ferris wheel. It goes really slow, but it still is fun to have the whole family with you, and from the top you can see a different view of the park. There is no height requirement.

    niagara falls attractions
    Hurricane Cove - You sit in boats on this ride while it goes up and over "waves" and turns back and forth. Yet another spinning ride for those with strong stomachs. The height requirement is 42".

    marine land niagara falls
    Ocean Odyssey - This is a new ride to Marine Land Niagara Falls. It opened July 2010 and we have yet to ride it. Reviews I have read rate it to be about the same as the Space Avenger but you cannot turn around. The height requirement is 42" without adult and minimum 36" with.

    Want to visit more than just Marine Land Niagara Falls? Wondering what other attractions Niagara Falls Canada has to offer?

    marineland niagara falls
    Flying Dragon - Little ones may be disappointed as you have to be very tall to ride. According to my son, if you are tall enough you will love it (I took his word for it). You sit in long rows on what looks like a boat, the boat then hurls upwards and does a complete circle forwards and backwards. You remain upright the whole time, but it goes quite fast. This ride can hold lots of people at once so the line is usually not very long. The height requirement is 52".

    marineland rides
    Wave Swinger - This is the traditional swing ride. Each rider sits in their own swing while they lift off the ground and swing in a circle. It can hold lots of riders so the line moves very fast. The height requirement is 42".

    niagara falls attractions
    Sky Hawk - Two riders can go in each car for this ride. It starts on the ground and lifts you higher and higher while it spins you at great speeds. You have to like spinning rides to endure this one, but the view at the top is cool. The pod that you sit in has bars around it so young riders can ride. The height requirement is 54" without adult and minimum 32" with.

    marineland niagara falls
    Kandu's Twister - Have you ever been to Disney and rode on the Tea Cups? This is just like it except with whales on the side of the cups. All you do on this ride is spin. The last time I rode this it took me a good 30 minutes for my head to stop spinning. The downside to this ride is that you have to be quite tall even with an adult. When the kids were small we had to avoid this area of the park (check out the map-you can walk on by without much notice) because they all were too short, but still wanted to ride it. The height requirement is 47" without adult and minimum 40" with.

    marineland rides
    Topple Tower ride - It took our sons two tries but they love this ride! You start on the ground at first and then are raised to the top of the tower. It spins you and tips you so you feel like you are going to fall right out. I have never got up the courage to ride this one myself but the kids claim it is a good one. The height requirement is 47" without adult, up to a maximum height of 74".

    niagara falls attractions
    Magic Experience - Or the "Bear Ride" as my kids call it, is the mother of all spinning rides. I like the rides that spin, but I went on this last year with my boys and almost got sick. The kids decided to ride it 4 times in a row and 2 of them came off the ride green. It is fun and fast but the spinning is unbelievable. You have to be quite tall to ride this one. The height requirement is 54" without adult and minimum 46" with.

    marineland niagara falls
    Dragon Mountain - Marineland's only roller coaster is a “good one”, my husband and son tell me (I do not do coasters). Last year was the first year my six year old was tall enough and he loved it. It still holds the record for the world's largest steel roller coaster. The height requirement is 48".

    marineland rides
    Sky Screamer - This is my husband's favorite ride at Marine Land Niagara Falls. It is actually the world's highest triple tower ride. It takes you over 450ft in the air launching you up and down at speeds of 60mph. The coolest part, or so my husband says (I do not do this kind of ride either) is that you get an amazing view of the Falls from the top of the ride. The height requirement is 48".

    Marine Land Niagara Falls is on a huge property and is very spread out, but they do a great job at grouping rides. The Family Rides (the seven rides I described first) are grouped together in the park and are the closest to the front gate. The next five rides I describe are grouped together in the Thrill Rides area and the last five (the "Big Kid Rides") are grouped together in the back of the park. So even though your day at Niagara Falls Marineland will be filled with walking you can make it more bearable by planning carefully at the beginning of your day. Here is a hint - the park opens at 9:00am (during late June, July & August) and 10:00am (May-June & September-October) the Sky Screamer and Dragon Mountain do not open till 11:00am or 12:00pm so plan your day accordingly.

    Looking for other hints and tips to plan a great trip to Marine Land Niagara Falls?

    marineland rides

    Here is a picture of the map you will get at the front gate when you enter the park. Marine Land Niagara Falls is so much fun for everyone, enjoy.

    Questions or comments on your trip to Marine Land Niagara Falls? Let me know.

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