Hints and Tips to make the most out of your trip to Marineland Niagara Falls

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Marineland Niagara Falls is Niagara's theme park filled with rides for the youngsters and the young at heart. It also hosts many aquatic shows, underwater viewing areas, and a place where you can feed and touch beluga whales.

Our family gives Marineland a huge thumbs up. We have been there too many times to count, and every time we leave the kids are always wanting us to promise that we will be back. It is a must see.

Ticket prices for 2015 (subject to change):
Regular day pass - $44.95 (age 10-59)
Junior day pass - $37.95 (age 5-9)
Senior day pass - $37.95 (age 60+) 4 and under are free
These tickets have the option of buying a Fun Pass (Marineland's seasons pass) for an additional $5.00. The Fun Pass is well worth it if you plan on returning.

Visiting Marineland is a full day event, and I would suggest that you plan to go in the morning when it opens. Getting to the park early ensures a closer parking spot and because parking is free, you can imagine how huge their lot is. You can walk for 10 minutes just to get in the park on a busy day. Any day in July and August will be the busiest, but if you visiting Niagara Falls Canada during those months avoiding a Saturday or Sunday would make for shorter waits.

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My suggestion if you do decide to go to Marineland Niagara Falls is to pick up a map of the park as soon as you arrive and plan your day(a map will be given to you when you go through the front gate). The shows are only at certain times, and have limited seating so what we do is spread them out over our day so that we are not doing too much walking and the shows are during a time we need to relax.

Like any theme park – or all of Niagara Falls Canada – buying food on site is expensive. The great thing about Marineland is they will allow you to bring in your own food. They have a huge picnic area, and picnic tables set up through out the park. The one thing to remember though if you are going to go back to the car to get the food at lunch, that is a long walk. You can take it with you at the beginning of the day if you are willing to cart it around.

Thinking you are too old to visit Marineland? My parents and their friends have visited the park and they are in their 60's. They are not much of thrill seekers anymore, but they did enjoy the shows and found it very educational. Keep in mind that Marineland is spread out on a huge piece of property and there is lots of walking.

Overall Marineland Niagara Falls is a great park to visit. Their shows are not as good as SeaWorld but the rides more than makes up for it.

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The 2015 season runs from May 16 to October 11, 2015. Admission booth is open from 10-5 everyday. The park operates till nightfall, but will close if there is inclement weather.

For more information on park hours, schedules, etc... visit www.marineland.com

Hints and Tips for Young Families
Nursing Mothers - We have been to the park with our kids as young as 12 months old and although my baby could not participate there was little or no challenge meeting her needs at the park. I was nursing at the time and was please to find that Marineland Niagara Falls did have an air conditioned nursing mothers' facility in their guest services center (located in the kiddy adventure area next to the Viking Ride).

Stroller Rental - One thing I cannot stress enough to people with young families is to bring or rent a stroller. Marineland Niagara Falls is spread out on a huge piece of land, and even us parents get tired with all the walking. The stroller rental is a first come basis and is located in the Aquarium Dome adjacent to the main entrance – money well spent. To rent a double stroller is $14.00/day and a single stroller is $8.00/day.

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