Marineland Niagra Falls

If you want to get your monies worth Marineland Niagra Falls (oops, it is actually spelled Niagara Falls) is for you. It may seem expensive when you initially pay at the gate, but you can spend the whole day - from morning till nightfall - and no one in your party will get bored.

Want to see when it is open and what it will cost you for 2015?

When I hear my kids talk about Marineland I often hear about the rides. They can list them, tell you their favorite and even tell you the ones that go the highest or fastest. Click here to read all the ride information. Besides the rides they also love the shows and the animals.

Marineland Niagra Falls (I mean Marine land Niagara Falls) has shows, animal feeding, underwater viewing areas and more.

marineland niagra falls

Starting with the shows Marineland has a main stage as soon as you enter the park called King Waldorf's Stadium. This is where the largest show in the park takes place. We always begin our day by planning out which shows we would like to see; sometimes when we have not done this we miss every show, and let me tell you the kids are not very happy. They usually run 4 shows a day at around 11:00, 1:00, 3:00 and 5:15. The show at this stadium is educational, but really keeps the audience engaged with humor and quirky animal tricks. This is the famous show where an audience member gets picked to come up and feed and ultimately get kissed by a dolphin. My kids are still waiting for their chance to be that lucky person. Here is some important information you need to know:

  • Arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the show. Depending on how busy it is, it will fill up fast, and they close off the entrances once it is full.
  • You may get wet. If you sit in the lower half of the stadium be ready for a shower. On a hot sunny day this can be welcomed, but when it is cold or you are unprepared it can be miserable.
  • Use the back entrance. If you don't mind having a bird's eye view the back entrance is great. It is the least used entrance with the ramp located outside the Whale Gift Shop. If the side entrances are closed this is the one to try as there still may be seats left on the upper portion of the stadium.
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    Another show that the kids love is to the right of the main gate in the Aquarium Dome. This is the Seal and Sea Lion Show. The times change throughout the season and they are posted daily outside the Dome.

    Below the Seal and Sea Lion Show is a Fresh Water Fish Display. Our kids are always delighted when we go down and see the different fish in the big aquariums. We try to see if we can name the fish before reading the name plates.

    Friendship Cove and Artic Cove are both great for a close up and personal look at the whales. At Friendship Cove you can see Killer Whales in a huge tank jump and splash, but be prepared to get soaked. There are specific times when the Killer Whales will perform. Since they change check the board just outside Friendship Cove for times.

    marineland niagra falls

    There is underwater viewing at both Artic and Friendship Cove. The underwater viewing is absolutely fabulous. It allows you to see both the Beluga and Killer Whales swimming and showing off their true beauty.

    marineland niagara falls

    Only at Artic Cove do you have the chance to touch and feed the Beluga Whales, however tickets must be purchased. I have never done it, but my friends kids have and they said it was an amazing experience.

    Other Marineland Niagra Falls (I mean Marineland Niagara Falls) animal attractions include observing Red Deer, Elk and Buffalo.

    marine land niagara falls

    I like to do this with my younger children while the older ones go on the "Big Kid Rides". There are no rides for those shorter than 47" down at that end of the park, so the animals keep them occupied. See the Marineland Map for more details. You can buy food to feed - fish in the Fish-Feeding Lake, deer in the Deer Park and bears in Bear Country. Here is a tip though, in the Deer Park the deer actually roam free, so if you buy food beware! There are so many deer they will trample whatever or whoever to get it. So please do not let you little one hold the food.

    marineland niagara falls

    For more hints and tips to get the most out of your trip to Marineland Niagra Falls (or shall I say Marineland Niagara Falls) click here.

    As a way to save money, our family brings our own food to feed the animals. The food they sell you is an ice cream cone full of Cornpops cereal, and it can get costly if you have a few kids. Just don't let the deer know what is in your bag!

    Marineland Niagra Falls (oops I did it again - Marine land Niagara Falls) is packed full of fun rides as well. Click here for a complete list with reviews and height requirements.

    Whether you visit Marineland for the animal attractions, shows or rides you are guaranteed to have a great time.

    Prices for Marineland Niagra Falls (or shall I say Niagara Falls)
    (subject to change)
    Regular Day Pass - $45.95 (age 10-59)
    Junior Day Pass - $37.95 (age 5-9)
    Senior Day Pass - $37.95 (age 60+)
    4 and under are free
    When you purchase a ticket you have the option of buying a Fun Pass (Marineland's seasong pass) for an additional $5.00. If you are from the area, or plan on returning while you are here, it is a great deal.

    Marineland Niagara Falls is open for 2015 starting May 16 to October 11.

    Questions or comments on your trip to Marineland Niagara Falls? Let me know.

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