Our Family did “Get Lost” in the Mystery Maze

My husband, our four kids and I ventured down to the Mystery Maze in Niagara Falls Canada. It was a chilly night, but I was sure that the kids would have fun twisting, turning and climbing their way through the maze. We did dress for the weather, but my original thought was that the maze would be like an indoor laser tag game. I was wrong.

Want to know what it will cost you? Click here to view the prices for the Mystery Maze.

Mystery Maze Niagara Falls Kids

When we arrived we each receive a Maze Passport and were instructed to punch our passport with the time clock to show our start time. Then we were told to find three towers and a sword, before searching for a way out.

Mystery Maze

We paid our money, which was

$7.99 for an adult, $7.49 for a student or senior and $6.99 for a child, and started on our adventure. As soon as we were through the door we realized we were not entering a building but that the entire maze was outside – not a problem for us because as I said we were dressed for the weather, but definitely not a place to visit when it is raining, or after a heavy snow fall. Actually they had not completely shoveled it out since the last snow, so some of the trails were blocked.

Now, the maze itself was made from steel tubing with purple and green plastic walls. What surprised us was that the walls stood about seven feet high, but they were two feet off the ground; there was no mystery to who was on the other side of the wall. And personally if I was going with a group, it would not be as much fun to know where my friends were.

After a few dead ends our kids were able to find the towers and the sword. They loved having their own Maze Passports to stamp, but were disappointed when some stamp stations were missing ink in the ink pad, and letter “Z” was gone completely from the stamp in tower 3. They found it particularly amusing however, that at each tower there was an activity like a Gong to ring or a button to press. But I must warn you that the third tower sounds an embarrassingly loud siren.

Mystery Maze

Once we had our passports stamped, as best as we could, we tried to find the exit. At that point we split up and when one of us found the exit they tried to guide the others to it from the bridge above the maze. Just when you think you are on the way out, another dead end pops up.

Mystery Maze Overview

We finally reached the end and punched the clock, only to realize that the clocks an hour ahead.

If you are considering spending the money and going through the mystery maze do not let looks deceive you. We walked up expecting a huge maze, and by the picture below you can see what I mean. But I have put a white box around the actual size of the width of the maze, which makes for a pretty small maze.

Front of Mystery Maze

Niagara Falls Canada coupons

One good thing is once you have been through the Mystery Maze you get Niagara Falls Canada Coupons on the back of your passport to use at other attractions.

Overall our kids did have fun but considering the cost of running through the Mystery Maze, we expected more.

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