Niagra Falls's okay...many people spell it really should be Niagara Falls History

Niagra Falls history or properly spelled it should read Niagara Falls history, is full of intriguing facts. From how Niagara Falls was created to the interesting ice bridges that were a tourist attration in the late 1800's. There is so much Niagara Falls history. Below you will find my compilation of the most interesting historical facts.

niagra falls history

The name Niagara Falls comes from the Native Americans who first discovered the falls. Niagara is a Native American word for "Thundering water". If you have ever visited Niagara Falls Canada you will know that it is appropriately named the "thundering water falls" as it roars day and night.

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The history of Niagara Falls tells us that the falls have moved back 7 miles in the last 12,500 years! Scientists believe that the original location of Niagara Falls was at Queenston/Lewiston. The amount and force of the water could make it the fastest moving waterfall in the world.

niagra falls history

There are many Native American legends that surround Niagra Falls history (or better yet Niagara Falls history). One of the famous legends is the "Maid of the Mist" in which they have since named the attraction after.

This legend tells of a maiden going over Niagara Falls in a canoe to appease the Thunder God Hinum. The tale goes on to say that the maiden came back to her tribe to warn them about a snake at the bottom of the falls that would poison the Indians water and cause them to die. The maiden was allowed to return to her people to tell them how to kill the snake. So the Indians speared the snake, it crawled back to the falls and died in the shape of a horseshoe. That is how they believed the falls got their shape.

niagra falls history

Did you know that the water at the bottom of the falls used to freeze in the wintertime creating "ice bridges"? It was a very popular attraction in the late 1800's to walk out on these "ice bridges" on a Sunday afternoon. The water underneath could cause the bridge to break into pieces at any moment making this a very dangerous adventure. Not until 1912 after three consecutive drowning was walking on the "ice bridges" prohibited.

Did you know that Niagara Falls froze once? In the mid 1800's Niagara Falls was reduced to a trickle.

In the mid 1800's the area next to the Horseshoe Falls was a mess. Shops were set up by businessmen all hoping to make a buck from the tourists coming to view the falls. These businesses were uncontrolled and often harassed the tourists. In 1878, Lord Dufferin, the Governor General of Canada, made a suggestion that a park be established next to the Falls. After some time, properties around the falls were expropriated and most of the buildings demolished. In 1899, a park named after Queen Victoria was created to help preserve the natural beauty of the falls.

The history of Niagara Falls can be very interesting. It is always neat to look back and see what makes up the heritage of our beautiful Niagara Falls.

History of the falls also includes daredevils like a man named Charles Blondin who walked over Niagara Falls on a tight rope. It sounds crazy, but he did it several times and several different ways.

Well, now that you know Niagra Falls history, you can start spelling it Niagara Falls history instead of the ever popular mistake of Niagra Falls history.

Below you will find a list with more interesting Niagara Falls facts. Enjoy.

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